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Adut Education and Political Awareness
by Mr. Alok Pandey - Friday, 4 April 2014, 2:47 PM

Dear Prof. Budd Hall,

It is a nice opportunity for me to have you a guest faculty in this course.

Since last couple of years I have been working with adult people (Community members and their leaders) in various parts of India. On the basis of my past experiences I am getting convinced that without making people aware about the political processes it is very difficult to bring change in the community. However, it is again very difficult, in my opinion, to convince people that this 'political process' in not a political activity (to capture any power or to form a government on the basis of party line). Though I am also convinced that to bring change in the society you have to engage in some political process. But here is the challenge as most of the practitioner do not want to engage themselves in the political processes.


Will you please explain that how one practitioner can bring a change in the society without engaging her/himself in the political activities. What all precautions should be taken by a practitioner so that she could not be co-opted by a political party as well as she can work with the community without any bias