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Role of International organizations
by Mandakini Pant - Sunday, 23 March 2014, 12:46 PM


Dear Friends

The creation of international organisations or specialised bodies within larger ones, is crucial for promoting and supporting adult education on an international level.

 International Organizations by and large tend to play following roles

 Awareness Raising

l  International Literacy  Day

l  International Literacy Year

l  Literacy Decade

l  World Conferences e.g.,


Dakar- 2000

Brazil -2009

 Policy Dialogues on Lifelong Learning

 Normative Functions

l  Making Recommendations for legislation

l  Providing Guidelines

l  Public Reporting & Monitoring

l   Documentation ,Publications &Dissemination,

Technical Assistance

l  Programme development, training, research studies, evaluation

l  Exchange of information and expertise on adult education and development

l  Support for the establishment and development of youth and adult education structures in developing countries and countries in transition

l  In service training, advice and media for global and intercultural education and learning

l  Programmes on basic health, HIV, gender equality, environment

l  Functional literacy activities

 Promotion of International Cooperation

l  Seminars ,Conferences, Workshops, Travel, Fellowships

 Reflection question

 The scope of adult education goes beyond literacy to include wide fields of human resource development such as universal education, poverty alleviation, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and reduction of HIV/AIDS. Reaching out to new frontiers needs upgraded knowledge of issues, and improved capabilities. In this wider context of adult education, browse through internet and other resources to reflect on the role of some of international organizations.